Learn About Rachel & The She Cooks Team

Rachel Harris has been fascinated with Christianity and Cooking ever since she was young. This was the Southern roots instilled in her from her parents in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rachel grew up going to church every weekend and going to bible summer camps every year. These experiences have helped develop Rachel into the proud Christian that she is today. And she believes she can help spread the Gospel and provide the world with top notch cooking articles.

This is why she created the She Cooks organization to help provide content to the world. She now works with a team of like minded individuals to spread the word! You can help provide the team with content ideas by sending us a message about religion or cooking related topics that you would like us to cover. This helps provide us with an idea of what our readers would like to learn more about!

We really hope that you enjoy getting to know Rachel Harris and the She Cooks team! Please reach out to us or leave a comment to chat!