what is the difference between the catholic bible and the king james version of the bible

Catholic Bible vs King James

It can be easy to get confused when multiple different types of bibles are mentioned and compared. One of the most common questions we get asked by our readers is what is the difference between the Catholic bible and the King James bible. In this article we will answer this question and help you know everything you need to know about the Catholic bible vs King James bible.

what is the difference between the catholic bible and the king james version of the bible

When you are comparing the Catholic Bible and the King James Version it is important to understand that they differ because of how many books they contain. The KJV contains 66 books because of its translation is based from the Protestant bible. However, the Catholic bible contains 73 books as it contains an additional 7 books in the Old Testament. These additional 7 books are called the Deuterocanonical that tell additional stories that the Catholic church values, while other churches don’t believe the stories were inspired by God so they don’t include them.

It is possible for certain King James versions of the Bible to include these additional 7 books, but if they are included they are typically separated in its own special section. They separate these book so that the reader understands that these books are different from the other books.

What Other Differences Are There?

The additional 7 books in the Old Testament is the main difference that individuals will notice when they discuss King James vs the Catholic Bible, however, there are a few other differences that are worth pointing out.

The 10 Commandments that are referenced in the Catholic Bible are different than the 10 Commandments referenced in the King James version of the Bible. The second commandment is altered in the Catholic version to remove the mention of idolatry, where as the traditional commandments mention idolatry.

Other differences between the two versions of the Bible are slight, but are still noticable when compared side by side. These typically include altered wording of sentences which can make it difficult for readers to understanding based on their experience with the style of writing. We recommend that you speak with your church leaders about this to learn more. For more Christianity articles, please check out our faith articles and resources.


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